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New to Uplift?

Welcome! We are so glad you're here. Below you will find some common questions about the Studio and our policies. Please be sure to fill out our waiver prior to your first class if you are new to the Studio.


We hope to make your experience with Studio Uplift as welcoming and comfortable as possible.  If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at!


Do I need to provide a mat? 

We provide mats in the studio that are cleaned after each class. You are welcome to bring your own mat but just place it over a mat that is already there to keep our spacing the same. 

How do I see my booked classes? 

Once you book a class, you will get a confirmation email. Please be sure to enter the correct email address! In addition, if you create an account with us on our website, you will have access to all of your past and upcoming bookings as well as the ability to cancel a class. 

How many participants are typically in each class? 

Since we are a small boutique fitness studio, a typical class will have between 5 and 12 people. The max for POUND is 11, while the max for most other classes is about 14. We will cancel a class if we have less than 3 people up to a few hours before class starts. 

Does your schedule stay pretty consistent? 

Our schedule is ever changing based on instructor schedules, but there are some classes that will continue to stay consistent days with occasional time changes. We typically change our schedule every couple of months. We offer some pop up classes once a month as well as workshops and events. Our monthly email will highlight these for the coming month. To receive our email, please subscribe on our website. 

How do I cancel a class? 

If you need to cancel a class, please give every effort to do so within 3 hours before class starts in order to open up a spot for someone else. If you’ve created an account, you will have the ability to cancel it yourself and we will get notified. If you do not have an account, you should email the studio with “class cancellation” in the subject line. You can also send a DM on our Instagram as that is checked frequently. 

Which class would be best for a beginner just getting into working out? 

All of our classes are generally “all level” classes that can be modified as necessary! Our instructors are wonderful at showing modifications and if you have specific issues, you can talk to the instructor prior to class. While our classes are all levels, they vary in their level of intensity. Please reach out with questions regarding specific classes if you would like more information. 

Can I get my first class for free? 

The studio is always offering incentives and promotions to win free classes or save you money. We often run contests to win free classes. With this said, if you have a need for a first class free, please reach out as we would certainly want to help make sure you can try a class with us. 

What is the best way to stay updated? 

Following us on Instagram is the best way. We are always posting current events, pictures, class videos, class changes or updates, and more, to our stories throughout the day. Aside from Instagram, subscribing to our website to get our emails is encouraged!

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